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Vital Records from the Exeter News-Letter
 1831-1865 (5 Volumes)

This outstanding series by Scott Chipman provides valuable information on New England vital records as published in the Exeter News-Letter. The latest and final volume in this series was published Spring, 1996.
1831-1840 - Public records for this period are very sparse. This excellent source adds thousands of private records from a period of strong population growth.
1841-1846 - Public records are still weak for this period. In these years, hundreds of Revolutionary War veterans died and their obituaries, reproduced here, are often very informative.
1847-1852 - This volume covers the Goldrush years when thousands pushed West in search of easy fortunes. The unlucky ones ended up on the obituary pages.
1853-1858 - The Underground Railroad flourished in this period, as Westward expansion continued. These last quiet years before the Civil War saw considerable population shifts.
1859-1865 - This final volume in the series covers the Civil War years and provides full transcriptions of many thousands of marriages and deaths, often with hard to find detail. Over 400 pages, indexed.

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Vital Records From Dover, New Hampshire's First Newspaper: 1790-1829

Vital Record 1790-1829 from Dover, N.H.'s First Newspaper $39.00

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