New Hampshire Family Register

The New Hampshire Family Register is a clearinghouse for data on residents of the Province or State of New Hampshire since 1623. This information has been submitted to the Family Register by members, and all current members are invited to contribute data or request information from the files. The Register is a medium for exchange of information; no outside research is undertaken. Each Family Group Sheet must contain evidence that at least one family member listed on that page lived in New Hampshire.

Contributing Data

Information must be submitted only in the form of Family Group Sheets. Ancestor or Pedigree Charts are not kept in the Register. Computer printouts are acceptable if they are in the Family Group Sheet format. Do not send additional material such as copies of wills, certificates, etc. Here are some additional guidelines for submitting your data:

  • Type or print all data, using black or blue ink.
  • Provide your complete name, mailing address and date on each sheet.
  • Indicate sources of information on each sheet.
  • A family record need not be complete to be submitted.


  • Make your genealogy research available for others to access
  • Query the Family Register to find information on your missing relatives
  • Contribute to this ever-growing repository on families with New Hampshire root

Additional information about NHSOG projects can be obtained by sending mail to New Hampshire Society of Genealogists, P. O. Box 2316, Concord, NH 03302-2316 or by sending email to one of the Society's Officers, Directors and Editors.


Last modified: 02 October 2018